Interventional Procedures

Interventional Procedures

 At Elite Pain Management and Recovery Centers ®, we also offer an Interventional Procedure Suite in Springfield, MO.

What is Interventional pain management?  Interventional pain management or interventional pain medicine is a medical subspecialty which treats pain with invasive interventions.

Once the origin of the chronic pain has been diagnosed we can then treat the pain accordingly. With these procedures a patient can find relief from chronic pain and for some patients an interventional procedure can even remove most of the pain allowing the patient to return to work, and optimize social and family relationships.

The Interventional procedures we offer are:

*Cervical Medial Branch Block / RFTC
*Thoracic Intra-Articular Facet Injection / RFTC
*Lumbar Medial Branch Block / RFTC
*SI Joint Injection / RFTC
*Superior Cluneal Nerve Block / RFTC
*Intercostal Nerve Block / Nerve RFTC
*Occipital Nerve Block / RFTC
*Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection
*Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection
*Suprascapular Nerve Block / RFTC
*Genicular Nerve Block / RFTC
*Intra-Articular Hip Injection
*Piriformis Injection
*Obturator & Femoral Nerve Block / RFTC
*Ganglion of Impar Block / RFTC
*Splanchnic Nerve Block / RFTC
*Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block / RFTC
*Maxillary Nerve Block / RFTC
*Spinal Cord Stimulator