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Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Elite Pain Management and Recovery Centers ® is now offering Group Therapy on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 8:30-10:00 am. These sessions are held at the Elite Pain Management and Recovery Centers Clinic in Springfield MO.

Alaina is a licensed clinical social worker who received her Bachelors in Social work from Missouri State University in 2003 and her Masters in 2004. Serving as the director of Ozarks Family Resource Center at Boys & Girls Town, a Great Circle Agency, she worked as a group therapist within the residential facility. The majority of her experience has been with at-risk children in foster care and homelessness, and specializing in working with children who had been sexually abused and other types of trauma.

As the group therapist her approach is to facilitate a supportive group that members can attend and encourage others they can relate with. It will also be an arena to learn and enhance positive life skills such as self-care, building support network, stress management, and more. Her goal for group therapy is for each member to find support, feel encouraged, and have access to tools that they can utilize for more positive outcomes. Alaina is looking forward to teaching healthy tools and empowering each person to build up their strengths and feel more confident to face life’s challenges.

Alaina joined Elite Pain Management and Recovery Centers ® in February 2018.

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