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Yoga & Recovering from Addiction

“At Elite Pain Management our goal is help our patients return to a productive life. This may include participating in behavior therapy, chiropractic care, interventional pain management procedures and yoga.  As with any new exercise program, please check with your provider before starting yoga.”

Meet Holly, founder of Hip Sobriety and the Home Podcast. In her search of self discovery and recovery, she found that yoga was extremely helpful for these reasons:

  • Replacing Artificial Highs for Natural Ones
  • Eliminated Reactiveness
  • Provided Community
  • Developing Control of Mind
  • Increased Control over Stress and Anxiety Levels
  • The Ultimate Healthy Mechanism
  • Helped Conquer Insomnia
  • Teaching Fierce Determination
  • The Spiritual Teachers

To learn more about Holly’s journey, visit her website: http://www.hipsobriety.com/